This site is a meditation on the nature and existence of the digital image. It seeks to explore how or in what ways the existence of the image on the web is unique or has the potential for a unique nature. Constructed to create a site which, in its totality, is an image and not just the delivery mechanism for an independent image, this site is what might be thought of as an IMAGESITE. Starting from a traditional digital source image of 36 ppi this site is the only existence of the finished image and the movement of each viewer through the imagesite constitutes the artwork's existence as an object.

This imagesite is further structured in an attempt to reflect the dynamic nature of the web as something that one moves through and not just as a physical site to go to. As one enters this imagesite you are entering into the image at the level of the pixel. The source image has been has been broken down into its basic component, the pixel, and assigned a number based on its original position in the source image from 1 to 540. A numbered page was created based on the position and the color of each source pixel creating a PIXELPAGE. Each pixelpage was then given between two and four directional links based on the number of pixels that bordered it in the source image. To move through the imagesite just position the cursor on one of the sides of the page and click - this will take you through the pixelpage to the adjoining pixelpage.

Your movements thorough this imagesite are an art work. They constitute one instance of the total set of possibilities that make up this multiple edition. Once you have exited the imagesite you may collect the particular artwork that you have created. To do this save the history of your movements as given in your browser history - this will constitute the documentation of the work created as well as the individual work itself.


Owen F. Smith - April, 2000