Dr Eric Owen Smith

Smith.jpg (11770 bytes) I am an Honorary Fellow at the Centre for International, Financial and Economics Research in the Department of Economics at \par Loughborough University, a Visiting Professor at the Universitaet Trier and a Visiting Fellow at the Institute for German Studies at the University of Birmingham. Within the Department I teach the Economics of the EU on a part-time basis. My current research interests are focused on comparative studies of the German and British economies. As well as numerous publications in these fields, I have written the definitive English study on The German Economy (see below). A series of essays edited by a former ERASMUS student in the Department (Lothar Funk) was recently written in my honour (also see below). I enjoy applying my academic expertise as an ACAS arbitrator and a member of Employment Tribunals.

The following publications embody my research projects and conference papers over the last decade:

(with Bernd Frick and Terri Griffiths) (1989) } Third Party Involvement in Industrial Disputes: A Comparative Study of West Germany and Britain , Avebury Press, Aldershot

(1991) 'Equity Stakes: Are British Banks Following Germany?', Banking World, 9(6)

(1993), 'The German Economy' in Western Europe 1993 , Europa Publications, London

(1994), } The German Economy, Routledge

(1997), 'Incentives for Growth and Development' in S Frowen and J H (Eds), The German Currency Union of 1990: A Critical Appraisal, Macmillan, Basingstoke

(1998a), 'The German Model and European Integration' in Klaus Larres (Ed), Germany since Unification: The Domestic and External Consequenses , Macmillan, London

(1998b) 'The Determinants of German Socioeconomic Policies' in T Lange and J R Shackleton (eds) The Political Economy of German Unification, Berghahn Books, Providence and Oxford,

(1998c), 'Economic Aspects of German Unification: Lessons for European Integration', in Jens Holscher and Anja Hochberg (Eds), East Germany's Economic Development: Domestic and Global Aspects, Macmillan, Basingstoke

(1998d) 'Monetary policy in the UK and Germany under conditions of globalised money and capital markets: lessons for the personal sector and ethical considerations. Some comments' IGS Discussion Papers , No 98/15, Institute for German Studies, The University of Birmingham, UK (revised version to be published in Frowen and McHugh - see below)

(with Lothar Funk) (1999a), 'A Comparison of German and British Macroeconomic Performance', SAM Diskussionsbeitrag Nr 70, Fachbereich IV, Universita.t Trier.

(1999b), 'The German Economy: sectors, prospects and problems', in Western Europe 2000 , Europa Publications, London

(1999c), 'The British Third Way: some macro and microeconomic aspects', in Lothar Funk (Ed), The Economics and Politics of the Third Way: Essays in Honour of Eric Owen Smith, VWL Schriftenreihe, Band 30, Lit Verlag, Hamburg

(2000), 'Monetary Policy in the UK and Germany under Conditions of Globalised Money and Capital Markets: Some comments', in S Frowen and F P McHugh (Eds), Financial Competition, Risk and Accountability: UK and German Experience, Macmillan, Basingstoke

(2000), (with Jens Holscher and Geoffrey Pugh), The DM' s Undervaluation and West Germany's Economic Performance' , in Jens Holscher (Ed), Fifty Years Deutsche Mark , Macmillan, Basingstoke

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